The Sofia Bertrand brand sets a luxury standard in the world of skincare and performance cosmetics by perfectly combining botanical actives with molecular actives. Our obsession with raw materials of natural origin, with their natural ability to work in harmony with the body, is at the heart of our understanding of skincare. The selection of active ingredients from every corner of the planet is meticulously carried out by our technical team led by the organisation's president Ignacio Bertrand.


Our top priority is to provide the skin with the highest number of biocompatible products. The company stands out for its extensive expertise in molecular actives. Thanks to an excellent selective distribution network, the company enjoys strong global growth that allows us to continue to innovate by allocating more than 40% of our profits to research into new processes and technologies. 


It is not enough for us to create perfect products. We must contribute to the quality of life challenges of the people who need it most. As nature-loving, animal-loving people, we care about the well-being of our environment. We strive to connect, educate and support the efforts of children's aid and conservation organisations around the world. 


Through innovative scientific advances, meticulous formulation and a personal commitment from the Bertrand family, we use beauty as a unique tool to achieve real improvements in people's lives, improving the condition of the skin, but also collaborating in environmental conservation projects and the fight against child poverty.