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Este potenciador ultraconcentrado es la última innovación en el cuidado antiedad global. Un cóctel antiedad que proporciona un cuidado único en el tratamiento de todos los aspectos que influyen en el envejecimiento.  Una creación con extraordinarias propiedades, que contiene más de diez activos moleculares en su máxima concentración, combinados con valiosos extractos naturales que ayudan a reducir notablemente las arrugas combatiendo la flacidez y estimulando elementos fundamentales como el colágeno y la elastina, a la vez que revitalizan la piel, la calman y le aportan hidratación y luminosidad. Máxima precisión para un extraordinario tratamiento antiedad global.

30 mL.


A creation with extraordinary properties, containing more than ten molecular active ingredients in their maximum concentration, combined with valuable natural extracts that help to reduce wrinkles noticeably by combating flaccidity and stimulating fundamental elements such as collagen and elastin while revitalising the skin, soothing and providing hydration and luminosity. Maximum precision for an extraordinary global anti-ageing treatment.


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) Designed to treat the flaccidity and lack of firmness characteristic of mature skin. Inhibits elastase activity, which increases due to ageing and environmental stress, and stimulates the synthesis of collagen I, which slows down over the years.

*Natural ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128).


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) Collagen-organising tetrapeptide that restores suppleness to the skin.

It regulates fibrillogenesis and the growth of collagen fibres, improves skin cohesion by improving its suppleness and resistance. The skin regains its suppleness (+ 50% in 1 month) and is more toned and elastic, making mature skin look younger.


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) Double cellular activity, firming, redensifying and restructuring effect. Hexapeptide extracted from the laminin adhesion sequence, promoting cell adhesion and proliferation. Acts on both keratinocytes and fibroblasts and increases the synthesis of laminin-5, integrin and haemidesmosomes, reinforcing the dermoepidermal junction.

Redensifying and restructuring effect (+19% after 2 months). The skin looks firmer and more elastic, regaining its fullness.

*Natural ingredient / Derived from natural materials

(ISO 16128)


It is a very low molecular weight, acetylated hyaluronic acid. It penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin and is resistant to hyaluronidase. It activates the skin's natural defences against stress and pollution. It has a long term anti-ageing and immediate flash action.


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) COUNTERING THE FORCE OF GRAVITY Combats sagging by stimulating elements such as elastin and collagen and overexpressing genes involved in cell adhesion. The dermis is significantly more structured and firmer and therefore better resists the effects of ageing, improving the quality of mature skin.

It induces the expression of Fibulin 5 and lysyl oxidase 1 proteins, which contribute to the organisation of the elastic fibre and overexpresses genes involved in cellular cohesion via focal adhesions (talin, zyxin) and integrins. It also induces elastin and collagen I synthesis.

ANTARCTIC SEA GLYCOPROTEIN (King George Island, Antarctica)

Halal certified / COSMOS ® approved

Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128)

This glycoprotein protects the skin from dryness thanks to its cryoprotective properties and strengthens its cohesion, helping to reduce wrinkles.

It stimulates the formation of collagen I and IV, as well as elastin, restructuring and protecting the skin, which appears perfectly protected, regenerated and restructured, visibly smoother as it reduces the depth of wrinkles.


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) Specifically indicated to combat skin suffocated by the harmful effects of pollution, pollution, tobacco and UV radiation that lead to photo-ageing. It has photoprotective properties and is able to prevent damage caused directly and indirectly by these factors as well as combat cell damage.


It increases the production of HA, the main compound of the extracellular matrix whose imbalance with ageing leads to dehydration and loss of volume.


Anti-ageing, firming action. Ideal for sensitive skin, ginseng helps to counteract dryness and due to its properties, can help both oily and sensitive skin. Lightens skin tone, protects skin from environmental stressors.


Natural active ingredient / Derived from natural materials (ISO 16128) A new strategy to escape expression lines. Hexapeptide that offers a new approach to the treatment of expression lines by acting on the postsynaptic pathway. Muscles are relaxed, skin lines are smoothed. In 1 month the depth of wrinkles decreased by 14.9% offering a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Mechanism of action:

Inactivates the formation of the agrin/MuSK complex, preventing neurotransmission and thus muscle contraction.


(Lactobacillus/Portulaca Oleracea Ferment Extract): Portulaca Oleracea extract, also known as purslane, contains anti-inflammatory properties, has strong antioxidant activity including tocopherol, ascorbic acid, beta-carotene and glutathione. Purslane is a rich source of vitamins A, B, C and E and is high in carotenoids, including beta-carotene. Calcium, magnesium, potassium, folate, lithium and melatonin are also present.

*The full ingredient list appears on the packaging of all our products. If you think you may present an allergy risk, please always consult the list of ingredients before using the product.




Apply morning and/or evening. With fingertips, apply 5 drops to the face and décolleté.

Morning:Apply 3-5 drops to cleansed and toned skin under the chosen cream.

Evening:Apply 5 drops to cleansed and toned skin under the chosen night care cream.

Other Applications: Perfect booster to enrich masks and creams, enhancing the effect of the balancing treatment.

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