Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is what makes the difference and contributes to the success of our products.


Active ingredients that go beyond the skin's surface, interlocking amino acid molecules that are naturally present in our body. The key active ingredients have specific functions, specific to the skin, a unique action that allows prolonged release of the active ingredients for greater efficacy and long-term action.High concentration of molecular active ingredients + anti-free radical active ingredients. Programmed" active ingredients to act at the root of the problem, addressing new challenges in skin protection, with anti-pollution and blue light protective ingredients that allow for a global skin care solution. Winners of prestigious cosmeceutical research awards, the firm has more than 30 patents on its active ingredients with results that can be widely demonstrated in the in vivo / in vitro studies of each formula.


All of our products contain a high percentage of the highest quality, naturally sourced ingredients - botanicals that work synergistically within each of our formulations to enhance overall performance. Our passion for nature drives us to include actives from around the world in our product range. Extracts with "superpowers" that provide sustainable ingredients driven with innovative integrity. Sofia Bertrand's research teams carefully select exotic or endemic, cultivated or wild plants from around the world, chosen with respect for biodiversity and assessed for their proven skin benefits through studies. Extracts are obtained from flower, stem, leaf, root, seed or fruit. Many aspects are taken into account, such as the origin and place of production, the date of harvest and the technology used to extract the desired active ingredient.


A concept that from the origin of the firm was designed to treat each skin individually. We are different individuals and so are our needs, which is why our entire philosophy revolves around the "made to measure" concept, each of the formulas is developed to be able to merge with each other and enhance each other, allowing both professional and client multiple options. At the heart of our brand is the BOOSTER BAR collection, fluid-textured super actives containing high concentrations of molecular actives and natural extracts, capable of penetrating into the deepest layers of the epidermis. The key to personalised treatments. We believe in the regenerative power of fluids, serums, elixirs, boosters, which in night application offer multiple options to treat different skin conditions. 

Origin, high formulation, high concentration

Multi-power HA

Unique Mix of Hyaluronic Acids  HA to reinforce the skin natural defense.HA to improve skin biomechanical properties and firmnessHA to rejuvenate the dermis from inside

Biocompatible HA

Sofia Bertrand innovates by introducing active ingredients with a new blend rich in biocompatible hyaluronic acid that is able to penetrate the skin.

Anti wrinkle Anti aging 

Mechanism of action designed to reset your skin at a previous age targeting: hydration, protection, repair, anti-aging.

Skin penetration

The standard HA shows an average skin penetration from 20 to 50μm. SOFIA BERTRAND HA. penetrates much deeper, with most of the signal around 100μm in the skin.

The art of care

The art of pampering.We create beauty products with innovative formulas that combine efficacy and sensoriality with the maxim of respecting the integrity and harmony of the skin. Excellence in skin care, the utmost care in every detail.