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Este bálsamo está diseñado específicamente para el tratamiento reparador y antiedad de la piel seca y dañada de los labios, protegiéndolos, nutriéndolos y rellenándolos de forma natural. Contiene una mezcla única de los ingredientes naturales más eficaces para aliviar y devolver a los labios su estado ideal. Elaborado con ingredientes botánicos de la más alta calidad como el Jambú conocido como Botox Natural, la Sangre de Dragón (Croton lechleri) una especie de angiosperma, de la familia de las euforbiáceas, famosa por su látex con extraordinarias propiedades cicatrizantes, antiinflamatorias, antivirales, antibacterianas, antisépticas y analgésicas. El principio activo Sarsasapogenina extraído de las raíces de la botánica asiática Anemarrhena asphodeloïdes tiene efectos voluminizadores. La fórmula se completa con el nuevo ácido hialurónico específico para la zona labial que rellena y mejora su elasticidad, tratando el envejecimiento de forma integral.

5 mL.

Thanks to its selection of active ingredients and epigenetic activity, this lip balm offers a repairing and anti-ageing treatment for dry and damaged lip skin, protecting, nourishing and giving volume in a natural way.  It plumps and enhances the delicate lip area by improving its elasticity and treating overall ageing.


- Treatment of damaged and chapped lips.

- Anti-ageing and volumising treatment.

- Moisturising, nourishing and powerful antioxidant treatment.

DRAGON'S BLOOD  ( Croton lechleri ) 

Healing effect, powerful antioxidant and regenerator due to its high content of proanthocyanidins and taspine. Excellent for faster wound healing, with extraordinary anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic properties.

This valuable active is involved in 8 of the 9 key processes controlling the molecular hallmarks of cellular ageing by regulating the expression of microRNAs. 

Stimulates skin regeneration: by stimulating genes involved in the structure of the epidermis and the skin's healing process. 

It is a natural moisturiser: it stimulates aquaporin synthesis. 

Counteracts the action of free radicals.


Contains antioxidant, vasodilator and antimicrobial substances (isobutylamine derivatives, esters A and B, stigmasterol, myriacyl alcohol and triterpenoid saponins) and stimulates the contraction of collagen-synthesising cells.


Volumising effect 

Extracted from the roots of the Asian botanical Anemarrhena asphodeloïdes, it stimulates adipocyte differentiation and proliferation and promotes lipid storage, leading to an increase in adipocyte volume in fatty tissue. 


Moisturising booster and anti-ageing treatment 

New generation of highly hydrated hyaluronic acid that for the first time can be formulated in oil, produced by sustainable manufacturing processes (biofermentation) using only natural raw materials, a specific molecular weight HA (<50 kDa) is incorporated into a microemulsion:

Prevention of transepidermal water loss

Water retention in the dermis 

Improvement of the biomechanical properties of the skin.

It is packed with highly concentrated long and short chain hyaluronic molecules that provide intensive hydration. Works as a super enhancer against wrinkles caused by dehydration as well as lip skin imperfections. Intensely moisturised lips. 


Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Protects, nourishes, moisturises and softens dry skin and lips.


Made from the nuts of the argan tree and is high in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E.

It improves and accelerates the healing of chapped lips, thanks to its regenerative capacity. It has an exceptional percentage of omega 6, ensuring the skin's repair and defence functions.

*The full ingredient list appears on the packaging of all our products. If you think you may present an allergy risk, please always consult the list of ingredients before using the product.


5 mL.


Apply directly to the lips. Can be used as an overnight conditioning treatment.  Apply several times a day. Can be used alone or under your lipstick. 

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